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ImageI have been a member to Netflix for many years now.  When Netflix first introduced instant streaming of movies and TV shows, I did not think much of it.  I still mainly only used the DVD-by-mail method to watch the movies and television I wanted to watch.  Then one day I saw that Netflix Instant offered every season of Lost and I decided to start watching.  At the time I had no idea that this would greatly change the way I felt about television.

Lost was a show that I only saw a couple of times before watching it on Netflix.  Everyone I knew was always talking about it, but I never was able to really get into the show due to missing multiple episodes.  So I figured I would eventually watch the show when it became available on DVD.  When I saw it was on Netflix Instant, I decided I would finally watch the show.  I ended up staying awake until 3:00 AM watching episodes of Lost when I had work at 8:00 AM.  I soon realized that watching television shows on Netflix made watching television shows on cable or satellite almost unbearable.  With Netflix there are no commercials during the show to break the mood or tension that may have been building, which always drove me crazy.  But the real reason Netflix Instant ruined TV for me was because you were able to watch episode after episode after episode.  I did not have to go out and buy or rent the box sets.  Instead I could just open up a web page and begin to watch.

Netflix recently added an original program to their instant streaming service, House of Cards.  When the show was first announced, I was quite surprised and excited.  I also saw it as a possible bad sign for the future of cable and satellite.  The complete first season of House of Cards was added to Netflix Instant Febuary 1st and I just recently watched it.  I found myself somewhat surprised by how good I thought the show was.  It easily felt like a show that could be shown on HBO or Showtime, but instead is only available on Netflix Instant.  If this is the start of a new trend, I believe cable and satellite may be in a little more trouble.

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World War Z

World War ZWorld War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks is a book that I like a great deal.  It has been many years since I last read the book, but with World War Z being released as a film this summer, I am tempted to reread the novel.

I was never really a huge fan of zombie books and movies, so when I first sat down to read World War Z I was not expecting to be so drawn into the novel.  I immediately loved the style in how the book was written.  Each section of the book features various types of people from all over the world retelling their stories and experiences.  I loved how the book was not focused on just one are or nation, but the whole world.  The novel also managed to feel very real and not super ridiculous, which also surprised me, for I did not expect that from a book about zombies.  World War Z became a book that I recommended to almost everyone I know, even ones who do not really like zombie stories and films.

When I first saw the the trailer for the movie World War Z a few months ago now I became quite worried with what the film makers have done with the story.  Watching the trailer in a way confused me because it did not seem to be anything like the book.  I thought maybe I was mistaken and thought maybe the trailer was for a different movie but that was not the case.  I immediately started trying to recall everything that happened in the novel.  I definitely did not remember any super fast zombies.  Though I very much enjoyed the film 28 Days Later which featured fast zombies, I feel making the zombies quite speedy in the film World War Z will cause the stories in the film and book to differ a great deal.  The movie also looks like the story will be a straight up action movie based around one character unlike the book, which focused on many characters from all over the world.

Though I am upset with how far the World War Z movie seems to be deviating away from the original story, I am still looking forward to seeing it.  When I do see it I believe I will have to think of it as a different story than the book told.  I will have to be open to whatever the film makers decided to do with story if I am to enjoy it at all.  World War Z will be released June 21st this year.  It is starring Brad Pitt and it is directed by Marc Forster.

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A Good Day to Die Hard

Last night I went to see the movie A Good Day to Die Hard.  I was very about going to see the movie and I have been excited about it for quite some time now.  I have always been a fan of the Die Hard series.  The original Die Hard is probably my favorite followed by the Live Free or Die Hard.  Close behind the fourth installment would be Die Hard With A Vengeance and then Die Hard 2.  After seeing the latest installment into the series, I believe it is my least favorite out of the five films.

Overall I thought A Good Day to Die Hard was a decent action film but it left me disappointed.  My expectations for the movie were quite high and it failed to meet them.  One reason I had high expectations for the movie was because of how great I thought the previous release was.  I was expecting this film to be at least just as great, but it was not even close.  I felt that the writing was poor and the story had little thought to it.  The film had no build up and pretty much just jumped right into ridiculous action scenes.  I have no problem with ridiculous action scenes, but I felt this film opened up with too many making the later actions scenes somewhat less impressive.  Still I enjoyed it for an action movie but it did not live up to what I expected from Die Hard film.

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Oldboy Remake

Recently I heard that the movie Olboy was being remade into an American film.  When I heard this I immediately became excited but then became worried.  Oldboy is a Korean movie that was released in the USA in 2005.  It was directed by Park Chan-wook was the second release in his Vengeance Trilogy.  The other two movies in the trilogy are Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.

A friend of mine was the first to tell me about the movie Oldboy.  He bought it on DVD and demanded that I borrow it and watch it.  He told me that it was one of the best movies he has seen in years and after watching it I had to agree with him.  The film was quite violent and dark and is not a movie I would recommend to everyone.  It was one of the more disturbing and unsettling movies I have seen.  Oldboy also had one of the best twists in a movie that I have ever seen, though it was quite a disturbing one.

Spike Lee is directing the Oldboy remake and it is set to release in fall of this year.  It will be starring Josh Brolin and Samuel L. Jackson.  I am unsure how Spike Lee will handle the film and not sure how much of the story will be changed from the original.  Thinking of the possible changes is when I started to become worried.  Then I started to wonder why remake such an incredible movie that is not even that old?  I felt there was nothing wrong with the original and feel it would be quite difficult for one to make any improvements.  One reason to remake this film could be to bring the story to a broader audience.  Many American movie goers may not be interested in watching the original Korean version and Lee may be able to make the story more appealing to these American viewers.  I am interested though in how Lee will present the movie and I do plan on seeing the film.  Still I feel that the version of Oldboy Lee will be bringing us will pale in comparison with the original.

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My first blog

This is my first blog.  I am unsure about the definite direction I will be taking with my blogging.  For now I plan to make comments and express how I feel about various TV shows and movies I have seen.  I use Netflix mainly to watch movies and TV shows so I tend to be a little behind compared to what most may be watching.  I may also blog about any events or live shows that I attend.

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